Direct mail is now, more than ever, the single most powerful marketing channel to communicate with clients and prospective clients. Why? Because the letterbox is such an uncluttered channel and therefore your message will be opened and read. Direct mail allows you to engage the reader in a way no other channel can. You can engage all five human sensors with mail - yes even smell!! Direct mail is tangible and extremely measurable for your marketing outcome analysis. More and more major brands are returning to direct mail to cut through the clutter. Yes even Google and Facebook use direct mail to sell advertising for their businesses….doesn't that speak volumes!

As a Bulk Mail Partner (BMP) of Australia Post (only eight in QLD) you can ensure your direct mail campaign is processed to the highest standards ensuring the security and confidentiality of your valuable database. Why trust one of your most valuable business assets (your database) to anyone other than a BMP?

Mailezy's specialty is on extremely fast turnaround times. No more waiting weeks for envelopes to be printed, no more three day stock delivery before the job is looked at. At Mailezy, the job comes in - we get onto it! We can currently output up to 150,000 direct mail items per day however we also excel when small jobs arrive of only a couple of hundred.

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